[CentOS-devel] new CS8 module streams

Mon Feb 15 23:28:59 UTC 2021
Carl George <carl at redhat.com>

Howdy everyone,

I want to call attention to some new modular content that we are
shipping in CentOS Stream 8 that is not yet available for RHEL 8.
We've added the following optional (non-default) module streams to
existing modules.  You have to explicitly enable these streams to get
this content.  If you don't, dnf will still use the respective default
stream, or a stream that you previously enabled.


We also recently added a new python39 module.  Similar to python38,
this module can be installed in parallel with other Python modules.
You can use the alternatives system to set it as the default python3
command if you wish.

This new modular content is planned to be included in RHEL 8.4, but
you can get it now in CS8.  Please try it out and share your feedback.

Carl George