[CentOS-devel] re CVE errata in CentOS Stream

Thu Feb 18 02:09:14 UTC 2021
Naoto Kobayashi <naoto.kobayashi4c at gmail.com>

Dear community,

I would like to ask a following question:

- How are CVEs handled in CentOS Stream? The answer in faq
   page (https://centos.org/distro-faq <https://centos.org/distro-faq>) 
states that security
   issues will be updated in CentOS Stream after they are solved
   in the current RHEL release. However, CentOS Steam 8 solved
   CVE-2020-15437 (kernel) while RHEL 8 has not (as of February 17,2021).
   Does the order of security updates between RHEL and CentOS Stream
   depend on the situation?

Best regards,
Naoto Kobayashi

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