[CentOS-devel] Cleaning up modulefailsafe/ stuff correctly - libuv saga from EPEL to AppStream

Fri Feb 19 06:38:33 UTC 2021
Anthony Alba <ascanio.alba7 at gmail.com>

Background : needing libuv-devel when AppStream/Devel versions were
not in sync I installed modular libuv 1.36 from epel-modular.

Subsequently when AppStream/Devel synced at 1.38 I had difficulty
removing evidence of 1.36 due to /var/lib/dnf/modulefailsafe. dnf
clean all didn't help there.

What is the correct way to clean up modulefailsafe/ so that it
unblocks non-modular packages?  I had even removed all reference to
EPEL repos but didn't realise the existence of the
/var/lib/dnf/modulefailsafe/ lock files.