[CentOS-devel] Simplified CS8 upgrade steps

Wed Feb 24 00:08:52 UTC 2021
Carl George <carl at redhat.com>

Howdy everyone,

Previously it was a three step process to upgrade from CentOS Linux 8
(CL8) to CentOS Stream 8 (CS8).  We have reduced it to a two step
process by adding the centos-stream-repos package to the Extras repo
in CL8.  You can now upgrade from CL8 to CS8 by running just these two

[root at centos ~]# dnf swap centos-linux-repos centos-stream-repos
[root at centos ~]# dnf distro-sync

The instructions have been updated on the main website.  I recorded a
short screencast to demonstrate the process.


Carl George