[CentOS-devel] ConfigManagement SIG : removal of old/unmaintained ansible versions

Tue Feb 2 18:28:41 UTC 2021
Kevin Fenzi <kevin at scrye.com>

On Tue, Feb 02, 2021 at 01:48:17PM +0100, Fabian Arrotin wrote:
> Notification:
> So far, the ConfigManagement SIG rebuilt and shipped some Ansible
> versions through different repos (per "branch") over the last
> months/years , so we currently still have on mirror.centos.org (and so
> external mirrors) the following repositories :
> For CentOS 7:
> - ansible 2.6
> - ansible 2.7
> - ansible 2.8
> - ansible 2.9
> For CentOS 8 (also working on 8-stream) :
> - ansible 2.9
> Per Ansible EOL policy (see
> https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/devel/reference_appendices/release_and_maintenance.html)
> we'll continue to maintain 2.8 (security fixes if they appear) and 2.9
> but we'll remove previous versions/repositories.
> Worth knowing that they'd still be available through vault.centos.org
> though, but not available directly through a centos-release-ansible*.rpm
> (configuring yum/dnf repositories on systems)
> So far I never had a chance/time to look at ansible 2.10, as there is a
> split between ansible-base and ansible-core and then collections.
> My goal would be to discuss with EPEL/Fedora maintainer (Kevin Fenzi)
> about the best way to have it working and then we can start (re)building
> through configmanagement tags on https://cbs.centos.org

Yeah, I have ansible-base + a few collections in rawhide now. 
But I would suggest holding off on it a bit more as from what I
understand it's going to be renamed ansible-core in 2.11 and things are
still in a bit of flux. (Also things like docs building needs some more
things packaged and tests need a few more things). 

You're welcome to look at the spec and collections rpms if you want to
start testing things now. 

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