[CentOS-devel] 7.9.2009 vault population

Thu Feb 11 06:55:49 UTC 2021
Neale Ferguson <neale at sinenomine.net>

Actually, I take that back. Compare 7.8.2003 and 7.9.2009 from a local copy of vault -  

# ls 7.8.2003/sclo/Source/rh/devtoolset-9
devtoolset-9-9.0-3.el7.src.rpm               devtoolset-9-elfutils-0.176-5.el7.src.rpm  devtoolset-9-oprofile-1.3.0-4.el7.src.rpm
devtoolset-9-annobin-8.79-2.el7.src.rpm      devtoolset-9-gcc-9.1.1-2.6.el7.src.rpm     devtoolset-9-strace-5.1-4.el7.src.rpm
devtoolset-9-binutils-2.32-14.el7.1.src.rpm  devtoolset-9-gdb-8.3-3.el7.src.rpm         devtoolset-9-systemtap-4.1-7.el7.src.rpm
devtoolset-9-binutils-2.32-14.el7.src.rpm    devtoolset-9-ltrace-0.7.91-1.el7.src.rpm   devtoolset-9-valgrind-3.15.0-9.el7.src.rpm
devtoolset-9-dwz-0.12-1.1.el7.src.rpm        devtoolset-9-make-4.2.1-1.el7.src.rpm
devtoolset-9-dyninst-10.1.0-4.el7.src.rpm    devtoolset-9-memstomp-0.1.5-5.el7.src.rpm
# ls 7.9.2009/sclo/Source/rh/devtoolset-9

I've verified this is the same on the vault.centos.org site.


On 2/11/21, 16:36, "CentOS-devel on behalf of Neale Ferguson" <centos-devel-bounces at centos.org on behalf of neale at sinenomine.net> wrote:

    Oops, sorry sclo wasn't the one in question. It was opstools is empty.

    Neale Ferguson

    On 2/11/21, 16:23, "CentOS-devel on behalf of Fabian Arrotin" <centos-devel-bounces at centos.org on behalf of arrfab at centos.org> wrote:

        Can you come with some specific example in mind ? (and worth asking the
        SCLo guys , hopefully they read mails on centos-devel list)

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