[CentOS-devel] centos-release-stream.x86_64 VS centos-stream-release.noarch

Sat Feb 13 16:22:25 UTC 2021
Nico Kadel-Garcia <nkadel at gmail.com>

On Sat, Feb 13, 2021 at 10:51 AM lejeczek via CentOS-devel
<centos-devel at centos.org> wrote:
> On 01/02/2021 21:19, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> > On 1/28/21 3:58 AM, lejeczek via CentOS-devel wrote:
> >> Hi devel
> >>
> >> Is that not something that needs looking into?
> >>
> >> -> $ dnf search release | grep -i strea
> >> Last metadata expiration check: 0:07:24 ago on Thu 28 Jan 2021 09:46:52
> >> GMT.
> >> centos-release-stream.x86_64 : CentOS-Stream release file
> >> centos-stream-release.noarch : CentOS Stream release files
> >>
> >> Installing one package and not the other messes things a bit.
> >>
> >> regards, L.
> > No it is as intended .. one of them resides in CentOS Linux 8 extras
> > repo .. it will go away once CentOS Linux 8 reaches EOL.  It allows you
> > to install the release package, run an update to switch from CentOS
> > Linux 8 to CentOS Stream 8 .. where the other package is automatically
> > installed.
> >
> Yes, but it's bit messy. I'm past that issue but if I
> remember correctly - while still being on "regular" release
> and installing one package first and not the other, as
> wanting to migrate to stream, one would end up with
> conflicting dependencies. I cannot remember which of the two
> would have to be installed first. That was a few weeks ago,
> but obvious was that some deps chains there between the two
> were malfunctioning/in conflict.

I'm afraid it's deliberate and unavoidable. It's awkward if not
impossible to do beta software without introducing breaking changes.
Since CentOS 8 Stream is now the beta for RHEL software, and will
contain software never published and never to be published in any RHEL
release because some of it will be rejected, it cannot ever be
reliably  compatible with RHEL 8, and there will not be a point
release or stable release of CentOS 8 for it to be compatible with.

I expect this to last 2, maybe 3 years, and either Red Hat to relent
as they did with Red Hat 9 and RHEL point releases in roughly 2003, or
one of the other RHEL rebuilds to take over the former "just a stable
rebuild" role with CentOS has discarded.

> Also while on this case - perhaps related but if not then I
> make apologies: when migrating to stream I ended up with
> centos-linux-repos-8-2.el8.noarch VS
> centos-stream-repos-8-2.el8.noarch on different boxes.

CentOS 8 has not yet been discarded as a point release. Don't expect
any of this to be stable yet.

> All involved boxes are Centos Streams, yet here also some
> deps logics are broken: systems with 'centos-linux-repos'
> seems to be behind, dis-synchronized with what systems with
> centos-stream-repos get.
> On those "behind" boxes I do:
> -> $ dnf install centos-stream-repos
> No match for argument: centos-stream-repo

I suspect you need to do a "dnf list extras" and revert or delete
packages that are not part of the enabled repos. Overlaps and
conflicts and are going to be inevitable for a while.