[CentOS-devel] RFC: Stream Kernel SIG Proposal

Sun Feb 14 11:52:50 UTC 2021
Julien Pivotto <roidelapluie at inuits.eu>

On 11 Feb 01:58, redbaronbrowser via CentOS-devel wrote:
> Mike indicated to just wait "a few weeks" and we would see it available in some official way. It has been a few week and there is nothing. It is not clear if we see something at the beginning of March or if there will be additional reasons it won't be til April. It isn't clear if some git commits lumped multiple unrelated code into the same commit. It isn't even clear if we will ever get a break down of the Stream 8 kernel. But it doesn't matter, I have done the work that needs to be done and am requesting now to have someplace to post it.

I understand what you mean, but I do not think that this forum can
answer this question. In Stream, "centos" and the centos project seems
to only provide the pipeline (and CI scripts). The content of the
packages seem to be just thrown over the wall by RHEL team.

I hope RHEL engineers will join the same forums as the CentOS community
and really work in the open - then, someone with knowledge of the
current state of affairs could answer this question. Until then, I am
afraid you won't know a lot.

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