[CentOS-devel] Cloud SiG Membership Cleanup - Completed

Wed Feb 17 22:23:54 UTC 2021
Karsten Wade <kwade at redhat.com>

On 2/17/21 10:56 AM, Amy Marrich wrote:
> Over the last few weeks I have reached out to everyone on the SiG's 
> pending and current membership lists in preparation for the upcoming 
> access merger. Everyone was asked if they wanted to remain a member and 
> where their interests were to help drive the group.  Based on replies or 
> lack of a reply the lists have now been cleaned up.
> If anyone was removed and would still like to be a member please 
> re-apply as we'd love to have you. If you never knew there was a Cloud 
> SiG please apply as we welcome new members!
> Any questions please reach out!
Hi Amy and all:

If I'm understanding correctly, the group is the one in FAS2 
(accounts.centos.org), i.e. this one?


In terms of the more public facing side of the SIG, is anyone scheduled 
or planning to update all of the SIG wiki page beyond the active members 
listed there?


Hijacking this cleanup idea a bit, it would be a good idea for _all_ 
SIGs to update their public wiki pages, wherever needed.

Kind regards,

- Karsten
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