[CentOS-devel] Announcing ROSI - RHEL for Open Source Infrastructure

Fri Feb 26 18:47:04 UTC 2021
Mike McGrath <mmcgrath at redhat.com>

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> > > > Hi all, as I did last month I thought I'd keep the list up to date
> with today's free RHEL announcement:
> > > >
> https://www.redhat.com/en/blog/extending-no-cost-red-hat-enterprise-linux-open-source-organizations
> > > > This one is targeted at Open Source projects and organizations.
> > >
> > > This is confusing because we just got from Bex a statement to NOT use
> Red Hat subscription service if the goal is producing a Linux distribution.
> > > His blog post is available here:
> > >
> https://developers.redhat.com/blog/2021/02/03/a-guide-for-using-centos-project-code/
> > > Now Red Hat is offering Red Hat subscription services for Fedora and
> CentOS Stream which both have the goal of producing a Linux distribution.
> >
> > You're assuming here that either project are using this subscription
> services.
> >
> > Have you maybe considered that they do not?
> No, I am only assuming the offer is being made.
> Also, given the offer was just made, I have considered that they haven't
> made the transition overnight.  Even if ansible allows for some amazingly
> fast transitions, I doubt either has already done so.
> Regardless of if the project choose to accept, it doesn't change that Red
> Hat now seems to have two blog posts in the same month that are at odds
> with each other.
> Feb 3rd from Red Hat's Bex:
> "... if that project has the goal of producing a Linux distribution ...
> don't use Red Hat Subscription Services to create or support your project."
> Source:
> https://developers.redhat.com/blog/2021/02/03/a-guide-for-using-centos-project-code/
> Feb 25th from Red Hat's Jason Brook:
> "... open source to gain access to RHEL subscriptions ... which now
> includes ... CentOS Stream to test applications and workloads against the
> next release of the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform."
> Source:
> https://www.redhat.com/en/blog/extending-no-cost-red-hat-enterprise-linux-open-source-organizations
> That sounds like the OFFER is for a Linux distro project to use Red Hat
> subscription services as part of the support of the Linux distro project.
> Regardless of if CentOS or Fedora is currently (or ever) take advantage of
> the offer does not change how the offer seems counter to the "Don't" policy
> previously stated.
 Mr (or Mrs) Browser, if you have a distribution you'd like to create based
on the CentOS project sources then I would suggest starting with the blog
post outlined by bex titled "A guide for using CentOS Project code.
If you would like to use the ROSI project for the underlying infrastructure
on that project reach out to rosi-program at redhat.com.  No one on this list
will be reconciling your confusion (nor do they have to).

You, yet again, continue to parse words like you're dealing with some sort
of language compiler instead of actual human beings.  Calling out people by
name while hiding and remaining anonymous yourself.  We know nothing about
you other than you weren't here before the CentOS Linux announcement back
in December.  It is obvious to me that you are asking questions not to
understand, but to poke holes in.

There are many out there who want to see this whole project blow up in Red
Hat's face and maybe you're one of them, maybe you're not.  If you've got
an actual use case you care about that you were using CentOS Linux for.
Make that known.  If you are looking to create a new distro based on CentOS
project source, how can we help?  Otherwise, if you're just here to cause
chaos, distrust, and pitchforks.  Just own up to it and let us know, it
would save you and us a lot of time.

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