[CentOS-devel] Documenting the CentOS Linux 8 EOL process

Thu Jul 8 21:06:50 UTC 2021
Davide Cavalca <dcavalca at fb.com>

On Thu, 2021-07-08 at 16:22 -0400, Rich Bowen wrote:
> While I agree with you, that it's an upgrade, I anticipate that
> moving 
> people from CentOS Linux 8 to CentOS Stream 8 automatically will
> result 
> in a lot of backlash from people who continue to believe that Stream
> is 
> a alpha/beta/testing/buggy/unstable/[pick your favorite complaint] 
> distribution. Y'know, once they noticed that it had happened.
> Surprising users seldom goes well, even if it's an overall positive 
> surprise.

What are our options for making it less of a surprise? We could post a
blog, etc. about it of course (and we should, if we decide to go down
this path), but that won't reach folks that don't follow the community
closely. Maybe we should push an update to the default MOTD to let
people know this is coming? Although, from personal experience, people
tend to react pretty poorly to those kind of things as well sometimes.
Any other ideas?

I do agree that upgrading to 8-stream is strictly better than leaving
systems unsupported, and that for the vast majority of users it would
be a net positive.