[CentOS-devel] Proper CentOS Stream value for ID_LIKE

Fri Jul 9 16:56:00 UTC 2021
Mike Rochefort <mroche at redhat.com>

On Fri, Jul 9, 2021 at 12:36 PM Stephen John Smoogen <smooge at gmail.com> wrote:
> Stream 8 is still downstream of RHEL so changing it would be wrong.
> Stream 9 is upstream of RHEL so it makes sense to change it there.

This is what I was trying to get at. I understand not wanting to touch
Stream 8 considering its current situation (though this is potentially
subject to change). I think this may be a valid change for Stream 9
considering it is yet unreleased in GA form. The docs on the matter are
fairly straightforward, but leave some wiggle room which is why I brought
this up.

> man 5 os-release
> It should list identifiers of operating systems that are closely
> related to the local operating system in regards to packaging
> and programming interfaces, for example listing one or more OS
> identifiers the local OS is a derivative from. An OS should generally
> only list other OS identifiers it itself is a derivative of, and
> not any OSes that are derived from it, though symmetric relationships
> are possible.
> ...
> Operating systems should be listed in order of how closely the local
> operating system relates to the listed ones, starting with the closest.

It comes back to the idea of compatibility. Is any breakage from this
something the community and package maintainers should have to deal with?

Mike Rochefort