[CentOS-devel] Purpose of composes.centso.org?

Fri Jun 11 15:05:42 UTC 2021
Laura Hild <lsh at jlab.org>

> I was looking to be able to go back more than one version and it seem
> like composes could allow doing that?  Not all issues are discovered
> right away and may already exist in the previous version.

I did this just yesterday, going back to systemd-239-43.  I noticed my
problem on RHEL, which jumped from 41 to 45, but I am potentially able
to write a better ticket by being able to reproduce it in Stream, if I
can go back more than one version.

Could it make sense to base what versions are made available in Stream
on what's between versions in RHEL?  I have no concept of the limits on
space though, particularly for mirrors.