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Wed Jun 23 19:35:39 UTC 2021
Leigh Griffin <lgriffin at redhat.com>

On Tue 22 Jun 2021, 18:11 Alain Reguera Delgado, <alain.reguera at gmail.com>

> On Tue, 2021-06-22 at 15:08 +0100, Leigh Griffin wrote:
> > I'd view them as separate conversations for now, if the overall logo
> > gets an overhaul the Stream logo follows suit. We didn't want to
> > alter the main image and hit the brand issues ourselves.
> Understandable.
> I've put some ideas together in the following links with the hope of
> being useful:
> - https://people.centos.org/areguera/brands/centos-stream-logo.png
> - https://people.centos.org/areguera/brands/centos-stream-logo.svg

These look great and thanks for the technical details below, very
insightful for someone in a non design perspective like myself. I'm
wondering how best to proceed on deciding on a logo to present forward and
to whom? I can work with Rich internally to figure out the brand aspects
but how do we go about a vote of sorts?

> The first logo design is the most accurate version considering the
> brand in use presently. It is similar to the one Red Hat proposed, with
> some differences:
> - Remove the 4 color bandages. It seems to be a decorative element
> without any real purpose.

It was very much for decoration!

The more color we add to the mark the more
> difficult it will be to reproduce it or adapt it to different visual
> manifestations.
> - Move the "Stream" word from right to left and adjust its size to make
> it proportional to "CentOS" word. Consider that, when the logo is
> reduced in size, the word Stream may be unreadable if it is too small.
> - We have a design restriction[1] in the mark where the "CentOS" word
> must be perfectly aligned to CentOS symbol's horizontal axis. All other
> components in the composition should be arranged based on this, from
> left to right and from top to bottom. So, it is possible to build new
> brands on top of the current one without affecting the brand design
> itself.
> The rest of the logo designs are there just to show the design
> evolution. Where we are and where we will be, possibly. It may help to
> bring new ideas and corrections on the design table.
> Best regards,
> [1] https://wiki.centos.org/ArtWork/Brand/Logo
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