[CentOS-devel] Enabling PowerTools by default? (and proof-of-concept alternative)

Fri May 21 05:17:55 UTC 2021
Jack Aboutboul <jack at almalinux.org>

> On May 20, 2021, at 20:58, Michel Alexandre Salim <michel at michel-slm.name> wrote:
> My pipe dream (doable, but I probably want to wait for the DNF ->
> microdnf rewrite dust to settle) is to be able to declare dependencies
> between repos.
> e.g.
> epel-release recommends (repo(PowerTools) if centos-stream-repos)
> => this signals to DNF that, hey, when epel-release is installed, flip
> PowerTools on, and if likewise PowerTools recommends another repo, it
> gets transitively enabled as well.
Not for nothing but this would probably make alot of people happy. Especially those running their own local repos for stuff that need to pull things in from elsewhere.