[CentOS-devel] RFC: kmods SIG Proposal

Fri May 28 10:35:44 UTC 2021
Peter Georg <peter.georg at physik.uni-regensburg.de>

On 24/05/2021 22.32, Patrick Riehecky wrote:
> I'm loving the ideas/thoughts/etc here!
> Perhaps, we could add a Roadmap item for non-GPLv2 stuff?  Personally,
> there are just a few items that I'd love to have which are not GPLv2.
> I'd hate to block on sorting this out now, when I suspect there will be
> some more input/concerns/etc.
> Pat

Coming back to this question / licensing issue as it seems to be the 
last open question concerning this SIG proposal and Rich asked me to 
have a final draft ready by June 2nd:

Currently I see two possible options:

1) Add a restriction for out-of-tree kernel modules "to out-of-tree 
kernel modules with a GPL v2 compatible license". Assuming that this is 
the current official policy and it won't change in a foreseeable future.

2) Add a more vague statement about out-of-tree kernel modules, i.e. 
something like "restricted to out-of-tree kernel modules with cetrain 
licenses due to legal constraints". This probably means that effectively 
the same restriction to "GPLv2 compatible" applies for now, but no 
modifications are required in case the official policy concerning kernel 
module licenses changes in the future.