[CentOS-devel] Is advanced-virt (Virtualization SIG) not relevant anymore with latest CentOS Stream 8?

Tue Nov 16 11:52:24 UTC 2021
Igor Raits <igor.raits at gmail.com>


I've noticed that the latest c8s repos ship libvirt/qemu-kvm (and other
related things) newer than the advanced virtualization repository… which
brings me to a question if it is still worth using those builds or not?

I've been trying to dig into some mailing list conversations (which are
pretty much non-existent at this point) and IRC meetings (which I did not
see in October, but found one in November[1]). Found only mention that
libvirt/qemu will not be available for power arches since c9s and that's
what probably virt sig will build (if my understanding of meeting minutes
are correct).

Any piece of information would be very helpful :)

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