[CentOS-devel] Contributor documentation: to link between sites or all-in-one?

Fri Sep 24 10:09:14 UTC 2021
Tomas Tomecek <ttomecek at redhat.com>

Hello, we're interested in hearing your feedback, the CentOS community, as
well as my Red Hat colleagues.

Within our team (packit, context - source-git repos and workflow) we've
recently discussed what would be the preferred way of structuring
documentation for the source-git workflow. The thing is that the workflow
would be available in Fedora, CentOS Stream (and transitively RHEL) while
having some common documentation hosted in our project's documentation.
That causes fragmentation and the need to link between various sources.

I'd like to hear what are your preferences:

1. Have everything on the same site

2. Link between sites and document only specifics to an ecosystem

Both of these have pros and cons:
* duplicate content vs. linking between sources
* everything on the same place vs. the need to access multiple sources
* the need to automate the publication process
* translate documentation sources between various formats
* maintenance burden for the duplicate or fragmented content

Right now we have some documentation available here
https://docs.centos.org/en-US/stream-contrib/contributing/source-git/ while
the technical details live on https://packit.dev/source-git
Is this fine or should we improve? The feedback we got so far was to unify
it in a single place so I wanted to open up a discussion to hear more.

Thank you for your time,
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