[CentOS-devel] [REPORT] Automotive SIG

Thu Sep 30 21:35:21 UTC 2021
Jeffrey Osier-Mixon <jefro at redhat.com>

October 2021 Quarterly report submitted by: Jefro Osier-Mixon, Red Hat -
acting chair
Membership update (members added, removed. Chair changes.)

This SIG is new, and as such does not have a formal membership process yet.
The mailing list currently has xx subscribers representing at least yy
companies. I have been asked to act as chair for the first few months in
order to stabilize the SIG.

Releases in the most recent quarter (or most recent release, if none in
that quarter)

The SIG is not yet creating builds or publishing releases, but we hope to
do so in the next quarter.

Health report and general activity narrative.

The SIG has had two public meetings since approval, each with roughly 40
attendees representing at least 8 separate organizations. We feel this is a
good start at corporate community diversity but will continue to work
toward a community-driven project that is not dominated by Red Hat - this
is intended to be a community effort with contributions and shared benefits
from all participants. One notable participant is the Automotive Grade
Linux project (AGL). Also noted are several OEM automakers and a few tier-1
suppliers, so interest is clearly piqued.

Several RH employees are working on the first contribution to the project
as well as the infrastructure required to build and test it. There is
confidence we will be building software in Q4 and hope to have an initial
release of an Automotive CentOS variant in Q1 2022.

Issues for the board to address, if any

None, keep up the excellent work :)

Jeffrey "Jefro" Osier-Mixon  |  jefro at redhat.com
Red Hat Office of the CTO  |  Sr. Principal Community Architect, Automotive
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