[CentOS-devel] Contributor documentation: to link between sites or all-in-one?

Tue Sep 28 11:39:06 UTC 2021
Fabian Arrotin <arrfab at centos.org>

On 27/09/2021 16:49, Tomas Tomecek wrote:
>> The way of reusing content among
>     different distribution-specific workflow documentation sites could be
>     addressed by pulling the appropriate git repos. Antora
>     (https://docs.antora.org/ <https://docs.antora.org/>) seems to be
>     handy for such scenario.
> Thanks for the tip! Antora looks like an interesting project and a good
> fit, we'll definitely check it out more closely. I was looking at pandoc
> ( https://pandoc.org/ <https://pandoc.org/> ) in the meantime.
> You are right that we'll need to create documentation for every
> ecosystem to describe the specific workflow. Once we have that we can
> try pulling the shared content or link to it and decide what's better. I
> guess I'll make another thread in future when we have a concrete
> proposal with actual documents instead of just an abstract idea.

Wondering if we can combine with another proposal that we wanted to
present for the SIGs : it all started from the Automotive SIG and
initial request to provide a simple doc like the one we use for the
infra doc (all based on mkdocs - https://www.mkdocs.org/) :


So basically, that would be something like
https://sigs.centos.org/<sig_name> and content being built from a git
origin url (hosted wherever SIGs want, as long as it's public doc) and
it would be rendered automatically

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