[CentOS-devel] 9 - ? - all *release* packages

Tue Apr 5 12:42:15 UTC 2022
Neal Gompa <ngompa13 at gmail.com>

On Tue, Apr 5, 2022 at 8:39 AM lejeczek via CentOS-devel
<centos-devel at centos.org> wrote:
> Hi guys
> Why are *release* packages are still absent in 9?
> We (admins/users) read docs - take recently mentioned here
> Hyperscale SIG - do dns this *release* do dnf that *release*
> - dnf install centos-hyperscale-release - but, those are
> nowhere to be found or.. have I gone blind?
> If this all is delayed deliberately - may I ask why?

They're not delayed. They show up for me in the CentOS Extras repo
that is enabled by default on my CentOS Stream 9 systems.

[root at 57b98618010c /]# dnf repository-packages extras-common list
Last metadata expiration check: 0:00:12 ago on Tue Apr  5 12:41:53 2022.
Available Packages
centos-release-ceph-pacific.noarch                 1.0-2.el9s      extras-common
centos-release-ceph-quincy.noarch                  1.0-2.el9s      extras-common
centos-release-gluster10.noarch                    1.0-2.el9s      extras-common
centos-release-gluster9.noarch                     1.0-2.el9s      extras-common
centos-release-hyperscale.noarch                   9-4.el9s        extras-common
centos-release-hyperscale-experimental.noarch      9-4.el9s        extras-common
centos-release-hyperscale-spin.noarch              9-4.el9s        extras-common
centos-release-kmods.noarch                        9-1.el9s        extras-common
centos-release-nfs-ganesha4.noarch                 1.0-2.el9s      extras-common
centos-release-nfv-common.noarch                   1-4.el9s        extras-common
centos-release-nfv-openvswitch.noarch              1-4.el9s        extras-common
centos-release-openstackclient-xena.noarch         1-1.el9s        extras-common
centos-release-opstools.noarch                     1-12.el9s       extras-common
centos-release-ovirt45.noarch                      9.0-1.el9s      extras-common
centos-release-samba414.noarch                     1.0-1.el9s      extras-common
centos-release-samba415.noarch                     1.0-1.el9s      extras-common
centos-release-samba416.noarch                     1.0-1.el9s      extras-common
centos-release-storage-common.noarch               2-4.el9s        extras-common
centos-release-virt-common.noarch                  1-4.el9s        extras-common
epel-next-release.noarch                           9-2.el9         extras-common
epel-release.noarch                                9-2.el9         extras-common

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