[CentOS-devel] CentOS SIGs and gitlab

Tue Feb 15 19:42:21 UTC 2022
Shaun McCance <shaunm at redhat.com>

I'm very interested in this. I had a couple chats with Brian Stinson
about using GitLab for community-related stuff, possibly under a
"Community" namespace. But if we're setting this up based on SIGs,
everything I want to do could go under the Promo SIG.


On Tue, 2022-02-15 at 16:32 +0100, Pierre-Yves Chibon wrote:
> Good Morning Everyone,
> Some people have already noticed some asks being made to the CentOS
> infrastructure team and may be wondering what is the end goal of all
> of these.
> So this email is to try to share the end goal/vision of what I would
> to like to
> reach and open it up for comments/thoughts.
> I know of folks wanting to use gitlab for their workflow, this is for
> example
> the case of the automotive SIG folks. One reason for this is the
> automation that
> has been developed around the gitlab API in other contexes but that
> can be
> re-used for the SIG's benefits. So I have been looking at ways to
> make it
> possible for the Automotive SIG to use gitlab, but also keeping in
> mind that
> other SIGs may also be interested in re-using that model.
> First of all, a disclaimer:
> *all of the following only applies to SIGs who are interested. It is
> entirely
> opt-in. There is absolutely no desire to change what is working today
> for SIGs
> who do not wish to change*.
> So the way I envision things is the following:
> * SIGs who want they will be able to request a namespace at
>   gitlab.com/centos/<sig_name>
> * The SIG chairs will be made owner of that namespace, giving them
> full power to
>   organize it the way they wish
> * Guidance will be provided in the SIG's guide as to the different
> approaches
>   possible (from the most simple to more complexes [1]). Those will
> be just
>   that: guidance, SIGs can choose to follow them or ignore them
> * Gitlab groups will be mapped to groups in the CentOS accout system
> * Upon requests, groups can be created in the CentOS account system -
> This will
>   allow SIG to fine-tune their access control if they so choose
> * SIGs will be able to use that gitlab namespace to host the git
> component of
>   their dist-git
> * SIGs will be able to use either the flat dist-git layout or the
> exploded SRPM
>   layout in their git repo, at their choosing, regardless of where
> they host
>   their repositories
> * The lookaside cache used by the SIGs will be reworked to drop the
> requirement
>   on branch name in the path. The end result will likely look like
> the Fedora or
>   CentOS-Stream's lookaside cache. There are potentially a few ways
> to arrive to
>   this, I have not started any conversation around this
> I have no ETA for most of these items, some are already work in
> progress (such
> as the possibility to use flat-layout in dist-git [2]), others are
> quite far
> down the line (cf the point about the lookaside cache).
> What do you all think of these ideas? Is that something that would be
> of
> interest? Did I miss something?
> If you would like more realtime discussion on this topic, it will be
> on the
> agenda of the infra SIG at 14 UTC on Monday the 21st in #centos-
> meeting.
> Looking forward to hear your thoughts!
> Pierre
> [1] for example:
> https://pagure.io/centos-infra/issue/645#comment-779917
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