[CentOS-devel] Alternate Images - Proposed SIG

Wed Jul 6 16:47:57 UTC 2022
Troy Dawson <tdawson at redhat.com>

Following the CentOS "Setting up a new SIG"[1] instructions I am opening a
new topic about creating a new CentOS SIG.
I have initially filled out several sections that are in other SIG pages.
These are all open for discussion.

The Alternate Images SIG's goal will be to build and provide alternate iso
images for CentOS Stream.

What is in Scope:
- Live Images (Previously known as LiveDVD, LiveCD)
-- Examples:
--- Live Desktops (KDE / GNOME / XFCE / Mate )
--- Live Rescue
- Alternate Install Images
-- Examples:
--- Minimum install iso (doesn't need the network, but almost as small as
the boot.iso)
--- KDE install iso (has epel enabled, and packages to install a working
kde desktop)
- Repo's that are compatible with CentOS Stream, and follow the Fedora
licensing policy.

What is not in Scope:
- Containers
- Raw / QCow / AWS
- Iso images that are bigger than 4 Gig. (This number can be adjusted after
the SIG is formed)
- Repo's that are not compatible with CentOS Stream, or do not follow the
Fedora licensing policy.

We plan on working with various Desktop SIG's, the Fedora minimization
team, and any other group that wants custom iso's.

- Documentation along with configuration (kickstarts and scripts) that will
allow members to create their alternate images.
- Alternate images in a publically downloadable area
-- Images will be rebuilt, or retired, a minimum of every three months.

I (Troy Dawson) will be the initial Lead of the SIG.
After (or while) the SIG is formed we will decide if we want a co-chair
leadership and/or how often the leadership is elected.

Troy Dawson

[1] - https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup#Setting_up_a_new_SIG
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