[CentOS-devel] Board Nominations Requested

Mon Jul 11 18:07:56 UTC 2022
Rich Bowen <rbowen at rcbowen.com>

On Thu, 2022-06-09 at 12:13 -0700, Jeffrey Osier-Mixon wrote:
> Hi Shaun, question about this .. 
> Eventually I do plan to put my hat in the ring, but possibly not
> this time around - I'll most likely wait for someone from RH to
> retire. How many Red Hatters are currently on the board, and should
> we replace Tru with a RH person? I realize it isn't a requirement to
> be (or not to be) from RH, but I think the board will be
> healthier if there are more non-RH people there, and since Tru is
> not RH it would make more sense for someone else to take the
> opportunity.

It is important to note that the requirement that a certain number (or
percentage) of Directors be Red Hat associates was removed in 2021.
Directors should be nominated and selected based on their value to the
community, not based on their employer.