[CentOS-devel] Stratis 3.2 Released

Wed Jul 20 18:09:07 UTC 2022
Dennis Keefe <dkeefe at redhat.com>

Hello all,

The Stratis team is happy to announce that Stratis 3.2 has been released.
Here are the release notes to Stratis 3.2:


Stratis 3.2.0 includes one significant enhancement, one bug fix, and a
number of more minor improvements.

Also, Stratis 3.2 also includes the features included in Stratis 3.1.
Here are the release notes for Stratis 3.1:


Stratis 3.1.0 includes significant improvements to the management of the
thin-provisioning layers, as well as a number of other user-visible
enhancements and bug fixes.

-Dennis Keefe
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