[CentOS-devel] Question on absence of SHA1 in OpenSSL 3.0/Centos 9 stream.

Mon Jul 25 12:12:04 UTC 2022
Nickolay Olshevsky <o.nickolay at gmail.com>


Having SHA1 support removed from the OpenSSL in Centos 9 stream, it is 
still displayed in the list of supported digest, via CLI `openssl dgst 
-list` and via library API calls like `EVP_get_digestbyname()` and 

However, in some cases it would be desirable to know whether particular 
OpenSSL installation supports SHA1.

So, the question - is it done this way by intention and I should look 
for some workaround, or it is something to get fixed in further package 


   Best regards,
   Nickolay Olshevsky
   o.nickolay at gmail.com