[CentOS-devel] Search through CentOS Stream specfiles

Thu Jun 9 02:26:06 UTC 2022
Maxwell G <gotmax at e.email>

Hi everyone,

Is there some sort of specfile tarball or other method to search through all 
the CentOS Stream specfiles for a regex? In Fedora, we have a tarball[1] with 
all the specfiles that's generated daily, as well as access to Sourcegraph[2]. 
Is there an equivalent for CentOS Stream/RHEL? Of course, I could manually 
extract them from the *-source yum repos' SRPMs or distgit, but that would be 

[1]: https://src.fedoraproject.org/lookaside/git-seed-latest.tar.xz
[2]: https://sourcegraph.com/search?


Maxwell G (@gotmax23)
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