[CentOS-devel] KDE ready for testing in RHEL9Beta / CentOS Stream 9

Tue Mar 22 13:53:17 UTC 2022
Troy Dawson <tdawson at redhat.com>

For those of you who want to use KDE on RHEL9 Beta, or CentOS Stream 9, it
is available via EPEL.  It is currently plasma 5.23.5, kf5 5.90.0, qt5
5.15.2.  There might be an update before RHEL 9.0 is released.

There is currently a critical selinux bug[1] that prevents KDE from
starting.  That is the reason I have not sent this out earlier.  When that
get's fixed, I'll update these instructions.

Note:  All these steps should be done as sudo or root.

Step 0 - Manually fix selinux bug
  setsebool -P selinuxuser_execmod 1

Step 1 - Enable CRB and Install epel-release [2]
# RHEL 9 Beta
  subscription-manager repos --enable
  dnf install

# CentOS Stream 9
  dnf config-manager --set-enabled crb
  dnf install epel-release epel-next-release

Step 2 - Install KDE
  dnf group install "KDE Plasma Workspaces"
  dnf group install kde-desktop

Step 2.a - (Optional) Install other kde groups
  dnf group install kde-media
  dnf group install kde-apps
  dnf install okular

Step 2.b - (Optional) Set sddm as desktop manager
  dnf install sddm\* -y
  systemctl enable sddm -f

Step 3 - Ensure you boot into graphical mode
  systemctl set-default graphical.target

Step 4 - Reboot and enjoy

It is recommended that you log into the Plasma (X11)  vs Plasma (Wayland).
There are several non-critical wayland bugs.  These bugs are being
addressed but aren't expected to be fixed until the RHEL 9.1 timeframe.

Troy Dawson

[1] - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2058657
[2] - https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/epel/#_el9
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