[CentOS-devel] KDE ready for testing in RHEL9Beta / CentOS Stream 9

Tue Mar 22 15:11:42 UTC 2022
Josh Boyer <jwboyer at redhat.com>

On Tue, Mar 22, 2022 at 11:01 AM Simon Matter <simon.matter at invoca.ch> wrote:
> Hi Troy and all,
> > For those of you who want to use KDE on RHEL9 Beta, or CentOS Stream 9, it
> > is available via EPEL.  It is currently plasma 5.23.5, kf5 5.90.0, qt5
> > 5.15.2.  There might be an update before RHEL 9.0 is released.
> This is something I may want to try as I'm not happy with GNOME and I
> can't use it with our nx-libs based remote desktop solution.
> Since you mention both RHEL9 Beta and CentOS Stream 9 a question comes up
> and I don't remember if this has already been discussed:
> Consider I'm running CentOS Stream 9 on a host and RHEL9 is being
> released, will there be a clean way to move a CentOS Stream 9 system over
> to RHEL9?

Not in a supported manner.

> Will/should it be possible to use dnf distro-sync for this?

It may be possible, but Red Hat recommends fresh installation for Red
Hat Enterprise Linux systems.