[CentOS-devel] Latest CentOS Stream 8 kernel package?

Mon Nov 21 14:41:13 UTC 2022
Bussi Andrea <bussi at mfn.unipmn.it>

My CentOS Stream 8 machines have:


as the most recent kernel package.

(Top of the changelog:

* Wed Jul 06 2022 Jarod Wilson <jarod at redhat.com> [4.18.0-408.el8]
- powerpc/smp: Set numa node before updating mask (Diego Domingos) [2103833]
- iommu/vt-d: Fix potential memory leak in intel_setup_irq_remapping() 
(Mohammed Gamal) [2088366]
- irqdomain/treewide: Free firmware node after domain removal (Mohammed 
Gamal) [2088366]
- x86/kvmclock: Fix Hyper-V Isolated VM's boot issue when vCPUs > 64 
(Mohammed Gamal) [2088366]
- x86/kvm: Don't waste memory if kvmclock is disabled (Mohammed Gamal) 
- x86/pci: Create PCI/MSI irqdomain after x86_init.pci.arch_init() 
(Mohammed Gamal) [2088366]

But, being released in July, it's
a bit old and surely missing some
fixes and security patches.

I was wondering if that is the last
released kernel package, or if there's
something wrong with my machines.

I could not find a more recent kernel
package, but maybe I'm not looking in
the right places. I tried:


For comparison, my AlmaLinux 8 machines


(Top of the changelog:

* Fri Sep 30 2022 Jarod Wilson <jarod at redhat.com> [4.18.0-425.3.1.el8]
- iwlwifi: limit fw version for AC9560 to avoid fw crash 
(<C3><8D><C3><B1>igo Huguet) [2129297]
- sfc: fix null pointer dereference in efx_hard_start_xmit 
(<C3><8D><C3><B1>igo Huguet) [2119638]
- sfc: fix TX channel offset when using legacy interrupts 
(<C3><8D><C3><B1>igo Huguet) [2119638]
- netfilter: conntrack: reduce timeout when receiving out-of-window fin 
or rst (Florian Westphal) [2047366]
- netfilter: conntrack: remove unneeded indent level (Florian Westphal) 
- netfilter: conntrack: ignore overly delayed tcp packets (Florian 
Westphal) [2047366]