[CentOS-devel] [messaging] any plans for RabbitMQ 3.10 and Erlang 25?

Wed Sep 21 08:41:32 UTC 2022
Marcin Juszkiewicz <marcin.juszkiewicz at linaro.org>

In OpenStack Kolla project we are building OpenStack components as 
container images. And some extra images for infrastructure.

One of components we use is RabbitMQ. For each of supported 
distributions (CentOS Stream 9, Debian 11, Ubuntu 22.04) we want to use 
the same versions:

- rabbitmq-server 3.10.*
- erlang 25.*

We use upstream provided repositories for each distro/arch as there are 
no up-to-date versions provided in distribution repositories.

Are there plans for updating RabbitMQ and Erlang in Messaging SIG repo 
to 3.10.* and 25.*?

This would allow us to support CentOS Stream 9 on AArch64 (where we now 
have no working builds and consider downgrading to whatever is in CS9 
for now).