[CentOS-devel] Platform Tools moving bugs from bugzilla.redhat.com to issues.redhat.com

Wed Aug 23 10:50:57 UTC 2023
Florian Weimer <fweimer at redhat.com>

The Red Hat Platform Tools team (who maintain binutils, GCC, gdb, glibc,
systemtap, valgrind, etc.) have begun to move bugs from
bugzilla.redhat.com to issues.redhat.com, to the project called “RHEL”.

We'd appreciate if future issues discovered in CentOS Stream were filed
there directly.  When filing new issues, please make sure that the
Security Level is set to None, so that others can contribute, and select
“CentOS Stream” under Projects.  Please do not use the public “CS”
project for reporting issues in specific RPM packages because we
(Platform Tools) do not monitor it.  (Compose issues and CentOS Stream
issues should still be reported in “CS”.)

Community members should be able to create a Red Hat account on
sso.redhat.com and use that to login to issues.redhat.com.  As far as I
know, it's not necessary to agree to the Red Hat Enterprise Agreement,
or any subscription terms.  If that has changed, please let me know.

The user experience should remain largely unchanged, although the
underlying technology is completely different (Jira vs Bugzilla).  If a
bug is migrated, a notification is posted to the Bugzilla bug, with
instructions how to find the migrated issue on issues.redhat.com.  You
will likely have to re-subscribe to the new issue after migration.  In
the future, logging into issues.redhat.com from time to time (every few
weeks or months) will be required to keep receiving notification for
your bug subscriptions.