[CentOS-devel] Alternative Images SIG meeting minutes (2024-01-11)

Thu Jan 11 20:08:37 UTC 2024
Troy Dawson <tdawson at redhat.com>

TOPIC: Image build systems: kiwi (@tdawson:fedora.im, 19:06:05)
We are able to make images.[1]  They boot and install, but you cannot boot
into the newly installed image.

Investigation has shown that dracut is getting errors when trying to create
the initramfs.
dracut: dracut module 'livenet' depends on 'dmsquash-live', which can't be
dracut: dracut module 'dmsquash-live' cannot be found or installed.
And yes, dmsquash-live is installed.
If you want to get around this.  After the install is done, but before you
click on the button that closes anaconda, open a terminal on the live cd.
Become root and then
chroot /mnt/sysroot
dracut --regenerate-all --no-hostonly --force

If you are a dracut expert, any help would be appreciated.

TOPIC: Open Floor (@tdawson:fedora.im, 19:30:48)
CentOS Connect at Fosdom - https://connect.centos.org/:
- "Alternative Image SIG - Let's Talk About It" by Troy Dawson
- "Alternative Images SIG meetup" by Neal Gompa and Troy Dawson
-- So our next SIG meeting will be in person

Logs and minutes:

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