[Centos-docs] Some Spanish Translation

Alain Reguera Delgado

alain.reguera at gmail.com
Sat Dec 9 01:25:32 UTC 2006


To continue what we started some time ago, some more information has
been translated to Spanish from CentOS official sites. This time the
FAQs for version 2, 3 and 4 of CentOS and some Tips&Tricks are ready
(in a first step to check). I would like you to check this info and
tell if that can help of any way to the CentOS project and the user

The info is hosted on: http://centos.wordpress.com/

and, the page where we can find the translations in a relative order
with the source is: http://centos.wordpress.com/traducciones/

I've been locally building a wiki with all this information, in order
to practice administering a (moinmoin) wiki, organize all this
information likely in wiki.centos.org and to propose you a CentOS
Documentation Spanish Translation Project where users (following
CentOS politics in publication and in organization) could build
documentation that would be later officially published by CentOS. A
place where the info can be prepared before publication, this would be
until you find a way to set it on the wiki.centos.org site or find
other way. Don't know if this is a convenient way and if that is what
CentOS would like, just some ideas and materials to work with. Some
screenshots here:
- http://static.flickr.com/103/312625744_324426317d_o.png
- http://static.flickr.com/113/312644330_4510b7b508_o.png
- http://static.flickr.com/119/312625745_f2bf7e6bd1_o.png
- http://static.flickr.com/116/312625742_244741d984_o.png

The document "Introducción a CentOS" has been updated with this new
information too. I have no permanent hosting where to put this file,
even when I would like to. Actually the Repository page is being
translated and organized to add into it too. A screenshot of the main
document page in a preview form is here:
- http://static.flickr.com/99/312625746_e29ae54341_o.png

I had been out of internet a long time, and out of CentOS List, I am
really sorry about that. I am getting problems with the connection. In
this moment I have the opportunity to talk to you so, send you what
had been done during this offline time ... I hope some of this work
could be useful.

Some comments will be highly appreciated.

Thanks for give me a chance :).

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