[Centos-docs] Request permission to edit/create new entries for FreeNX and YUMEX

Andy Tay

legendary616 at yahoo.com.sg
Sat Dec 23 00:37:30 UTC 2006

Ok get what you mean... If the key thing is about having someone unknown to touch the wiki it will be a risk that the article will be messed up.

Then I suggest I'll just do it on a office word document and convert it to html format... Then maybe I'll just send it somewhere for vetting. Before it's posted...

Ok just to get it right. The article will be "HowTO setup a FreeNX server". Don't you find something is missing out there on the wiki page? I am not able to contribute anything that is "out of the ordinary", or capable of contributing any of that... What I am suggesting is the add user to nxserver?

Please just treat me as a linux hobbyist  and not some IT professional or linux server admin that is more capable of writing the "out of the ordinary".


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> There isn't any portion teaching how to add users into the nxserver...
> although it may be a very small, maybe to some... it's a insignificant
> additional, I can assure that it will be a very important piece of extra
> information for linux-newbies. I am one.

FreeNX uses SSH under the hood (as Johnny pointed out), so nothing out of
the ordinary is going on besides normal user management.

Besides that it is better to come up with a patch for a page if you would
like to see a page changed. Few open source projects will just hand out
account privileges to strangers without first seeing some material.

> In the first place, isn't wiki a site that allows continuous updates of
> article so that it can keep up with the versions or to-date information?

Yes, but some protections are set up, as documented in the Wiki:

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Daniel de Kok

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