[Centos-docs] VNC Remote Install Disk

Wed Sep 6 22:36:41 UTC 2006
Dustin Krysak <chaos at digitalcollision.com>

Hey there - I have a tutorial i wrote for my own docs - not sure if you 
guys want it on the centos wiki.

It is a custom centos server 4X disk in which the install connects to a 
remote listening VNC viewer.

The purpose of this disk is simple - to be able to install a second 
system with centos without having to hook up a keyboard/mouse/monitor. 
This second machine is my test machine, and I wipe/install often on it. 
I needed/wanted to use a disk for install as I do not have a 3rd machine 
(or the room for it) to house a NFS server with images on it. In a 
nutshell - I got sick of lifting a heavy ass CRT out of my storage every 
time i wanted to install.

I suspect it should be located et howtos under misc.

I suggest the article name "VNC Remote Install Disk".

As I said - I have it written, but I am going to run through it once to 
update it for centos 4.4 (once the server CD is out).

I am not sure if you guys are even interested.