[Centos-docs] VNC Remote Install Disk

Thu Sep 7 09:54:06 UTC 2006
Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de>

Dustin Krysak wrote:
>    Here it is, and I guess let me know what you need next.

Some general issues (yes, I think we should include this):

Please shorten it a little bit. Meaning: Generalize it, take out the
personal stories - and please: No fucking swear words on the wiki ...

>    The purpose of this disk is simple - to be able to install a second system
>    with Centos without having to hook up a keyboard/mouse/monitor.

That's enough for an abstract.

>    I am doing this in point form with a little explanation. No real detail…
>    just the commands to get the job done. I did this with a Centos 4.2 box
>    running as root. Probably better to run it under a regular user account and
>    “sudo” as needed. But alas - I did it this way.

Generalize. Drop the "I can, we can, you can" - select one person to
tell your story in. I'd opt for the "you can".

>    As you can see I changed a few minor things like the prompt and timeout to
>    “0”. This is because I do not want to have to do any keyboard interaction,
>    nor would I be able to see the screen when I was asked for these prompts.
>    This  disk is just for VNC installs. So the prompts and time outs were
>    removed. The other thing I modified was the default boot option. Now as you
>    can  see  I added the options for the default boot to initialize a VNC
>    connection to a listening viewer[4]3) located on “”. Obviously
>    modify this to match your desired network. There is a vnc parameter that can
>    be passed (in a boot option) in which you can set a VNC password on the
>    installers VNC server - but I figured since it is on my private lan behind a
>    firewall - what the heck. No need for it. The security concious may wish to
>    add this parameter. The other options cover some of the default information
>    required  to be able to auto populate these values - otherwise you are
>    prompted to fill it out. But again - no keyboard/mouse/monitor. So we pass
>    the info here. Feel free to modify with your preferences for a different
>    language, etc. And as you can see, there must be a DHCP server on your LAN
>    to assign the IP to the machine targeted for installation.

Generalize. This can be shortened.

>    This will create the final iso in your tmp directory. In my first run at


Same as above. No need for the parts about the "fine folks in the
anaconda team" :)

But yes, as already stated, an edited version should be hosted - in my


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