[Centos-docs] ISSN for wiki

Thu Sep 7 10:49:45 UTC 2006
Johnny Hughes <mailing-lists at hughesjr.com>

On Thu, 2006-09-07 at 11:45 +0200, Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> David Hrbáč wrote:
> > Hi,
> > It would be nice if we can get ISSN for wiki.centos.org. Any plans? I
> > know assigning ISSN for blogs is being held now. If we have ISSN it
> > might help to get more people to contribute. Just the hint.
> I don't think that it would work, as there are no "serial issues" on a
> wiki by which periodicals can be identified:
> | The same criteria for determining if a serial is eligible for an ISSN
> | apply to electronic and print publications: an intention to continue
> | publishing indefinitely and being issued in designated parts. In the
> | case of electronic serials – especially those available online, such as
> | on the Internet – the most significant criterion is that the publication
> | must be divided into parts or issues which carry unique, numerical
> | designations by which the individual issues may be identified, checked
> | in, etc. Electronic serials that are issued as individual articles meet
> | this criterion as long as the articles carry a unique designation. Thus,
> | a database issued quarterly on CD-ROM and carrying quarterly date
> | designations would be eligible for an ISSN while the same database as an
> | online service which was being continually and seamlessly updated would
> | not be eligible.
> And I think a Wiki would fall into the "database" category there. 

I agree ... it seems what we want a wiki page to be (a page that gets
updated to be the most current information, but it has the same name) is
exactly what the do not want to give an ISSN number.  It seems the
criteria to get a number is that once published, the content can not be
updated.  This makes sense, because it is now different and would need a
new number.

Another problem is this ... if author A makes a contribution, author B
can change it (if author B has full write access).  If the work is
published by author A with an ISSN, they might not appreciate that
author B changed it :)

> Now if we export the articles into a blog ...

One thing at a time Mr. Ralph ... let's see if we can get this to work
first :)

Johnny Hughes

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