[Centos-docs] Some Spanish Translation

Thu Sep 28 12:46:13 UTC 2006
danieldk at pobox.com <danieldk at pobox.com>

Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> - You cannot have all language links on the front page. This will
>   clutter it up beyond recognition.

Dropdown box?

> - You cannot "hide" links to other languages in a subpage.

Why can't we do that in the top menu? It has been a while since I looked
at the Moin code, but it should be possible to make a dropdown based on
available pages. In metalanguage:

for lang in (es fr nl)
  if exists(lang + curr_page)
    add_to_combo(lang + curr_page)

(Where getpagename cuts of language prefixes, if any.)

> That's a patch?

Yeah, though it will probably be integrated in future Moins.

> It would be great for the HardwareList, if we can lock
> down editing to the hardware template (and we could see how much spam
> we'd get in a rather small area of the wiki) :)

That would be nice indeed.

-- Daniel