[Centos-docs] Some Spanish Translation

Thu Sep 28 15:50:55 UTC 2006
danieldk at pobox.com <danieldk at pobox.com>

> [wiki:Foo/bar Foobar] is relative, yes. But it would have to be changed
> to [wiki:en/Foo/bar Foobar] as far as I can see ...

With the 'wiki:' prefix, yes. That's why it is probably better to use
relative links rather than absolute links or free links (at the moment a
mixture is used).

So, rather than [wiki:Foo/bar Foobar] on the "Foo" page it would be better
to use:


So, if we'd make such a conversion, it's probably best if all links to
sub- or parent pages are rewritten to this form, which would save us the
hassle of rewriting all links to new absolute links.

-- Daniel