[Centos-docs] Some Spanish Translation

Wed Apr 4 13:56:45 UTC 2007
Alain Reguera Delgado <alain.reguera at gmail.com>

On 1/15/07, Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de> wrote:
> Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> > Alain Reguera Delgado wrote:
> >> The info is hosted on: http://centos.wordpress.com/
> >>
> >> and, the page where we can find the translations in a relative order
> >> with the source is: http://centos.wordpress.com/traducciones/
> No, we didn't forget you. Not really, at least.
> > My preference at the moment would be <http://wiki.centos.org/es/>, where
> > ACLs could be put in place differently from the rest of the wiki.

I am with that way too.

>  We had a talk about that last week. We're still weeding out some issues
> with regard to "who is allowed to put what where", but yes, we want to
> have that content on the wiki. Please give us a few more days.

ok ... in the mid time I propose to use
http://centos-docses.on-wiki.net, a moinmoin wiki to build the Spanish
documentation in a collaborative way. That intend to be a place where
the translators could build the documentation and then a place where
the documents are taken to build the official Spanish documentation in
the CentOS' wiki (until a decision over official site is taken).

Now all the content in http://centos.wordpress.com/traducciones/ is
been transferred to this place, though, more people are able to aid.
If you want to collaborate, subscribe in
http://centos-docses.on-wiki.net, then comment your interest in this
or the Spanish list.