[CentOS-docs] Wiki translation status tags

Sat Feb 17 11:02:06 UTC 2007
Daniel de Kok <danieldk at pobox.com>


A while back I have added this to the MultiLingualWiki page:

What about adding something along the lines of:

## OriginalPage /PackageManagement/Rpm
## OriginalPageRevision 2

Which would allow for future analysis of "staleness" of pages, etc.

The idea is that a per-language list of staleness of pages can be made
by comparing how much translated pages are behind their English
counterparts. This may be less relevant to HOWTOs, but would (IMO) be
very handy for pages that describe CentOS policies, repositories, etc.

What do you all think about supporting a page tag like the example
above? If there is enough interest, I'll write a sample plugin that
handles such tags.

-- Daniel