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Sun Mar 25 22:56:22 UTC 2007
Wojciech Pilorz <wpilorz at gmail.com>


I am Wojtek Pilorz (username "Wojtek Pilorz").

I would like to discuss whether my method of creating Centos DVD image
from CD images and the other way would be appropriate to be placed in
tip named in subject;

Would it be appropriate if I send scripts I use with method
description a mail to the list for consideration?

What I have is method for recreating bit-for-bit identical image to
the original, based on other image(s) containing files which are to be
placed on the destination images, plus files unique to the destination
image(s) and iso image header (part before first file).

The idea is similar to the jigdo utility, but implementation (pure
perl + some standard perl modules) different, and much more

So, is that OK to send the scripts to the list for discussion?

Best regards,