[CentOS-docs] HowTos/MigrationGuide

Sun Mar 25 21:15:45 UTC 2007
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Rodrigo Barbosa wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 25, 2007 at 10:21:03AM -0400, Phil Schaffner wrote:
>>> Otherwise it's a good idea, though 2.1 to 5 probably is "Don't even
>>> think about it" }:->
>> Agreed; however, general guidance to update from major version x to x+1
>> before attempting x+2, or better yet do a fresh install, would cover
>> that.

I think the migration guides really should only aim to cover x to x+1 
really, if someone wants to go from centos-2.1 to centos-5.0, they can 
and really should work through the process.

> I don't even upgrade from x to x+1. It is a good way to end up with a lot
> of garbage. Since we have a 2 year cycle for server replacement around
> here, we usually do upgrades at the time (as a fresh install). Much safer.

the aim here is to try and document this garbage, so as to reduce the 
amount of effort that end users need to put in, and so that there is 
some reasonable documented process of garbage identification and remedy 
action :)

> And for desktops, who cares ? :)

this isnt a discussion list - the reason why the docs are created are 
not up for argument or reason really. We *know* that users are going to 
be doing upgrades and the aim is to try and make that as painless as 
possible by offering them some sort of a tested path.

Eg. we all know what happened when centos-4 was released, inspite of 
everyone saying dont upgrade live machines, there were still quite a few 
people who did!

- KB

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