[CentOS-docs] wiki HowTos/Custom_Kernel needs amendment

Wed May 23 15:33:34 UTC 2007
Akemi Yagi <amyagi at gmail.com>


I see more and more people attempt to rebuild the CentOS 5 kernel -
for example to get the legacy ISA card support turned on, etc.  As Jim
said on #centos-devel, the Custom_Kernel wiki page is valid for C4 but
not so for C5.  It seems that he does not have the time to update the
page at this moment.  I suggest that at least a warning message
stating the instructions are not for C5 kernels should be added to the

>From what I have learned so far, there are at least two things that
need to be done to get rebuild to work under C5.  One is to edit the
.spec file as per Johnny Hughes (remove some lines from the %prep
section).  The other is to add the missing first line (in the form of
# $Arch) to the .config file just before running rpmbuild -ba.