[CentOS-docs] Wiki deuglification, last (at the moment) part

Wed Nov 21 17:31:04 UTC 2007
Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de>


one last change maybe - with the 3% padding on top and bottom, we really
lose screen estate at the top. 

How does it look to you without any padding at top/bottom (leaving a
10px white line there)? That's what's live on wiki-m.centos.org at the

Or, if all of you want to have some more space above there (and the
background pattern) go with 1% padding?

1% padding means that there will be *1* line of checkered boxes over the
white space over the header ...

[insert personal opinion: 1% padding looks better, IMHO, but other
people seem to like the 0% padding instead.]

Other than that, I'd like to call this the "Final Version" for now, with
which I'd like to go live on the real wiki before 5.1/4.6 hit the

That doesn't mean that we won't improve the design any further, but I'd
like to show some progress to the outside (release early, release often)


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