[CentOS-docs] Announcing the CentOS on Laptops initiative

Sun Nov 25 20:34:25 UTC 2007
Dag Wieers <dag at centos.org>

Hi all,

I would like to announce a CentOS on Laptops initiative. The aim is to
allow everybody in the community (and on this mailinglist) to document
their own experience with CentOS on their laptop (on the CentOS wiki).

The goal of this initiative consists of 2 parts:

 - help and convince people with their own CentOS on laptop installation

 - promote CentOS on other Laptop websites and fill in this existing void

I hope that everyone think back about the experience on their existing
laptop and add it to the wiki, and document everything when doing future
laptop installations.

<insert your favorite motivational quote here ! :)>

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