[CentOS-docs] Wiki deuglification Part I

Wed Oct 3 23:53:04 UTC 2007
Dag Wieers <dag at centos.org>

On Wed, 3 Oct 2007, Ralph Angenendt wrote:

> I toyed around with the Wiki today to deuglify it a little bit. I used a
> theme which is a bit of a "CMS" theme for MoinMoin and played around
> with the logo colors.
> The theme is based on the plsavez theme, which I like as it has a very
> uncluttered interface for people who aren't logged in - they only see
> some important interwiki links (FrontPage, RecentChanges and so on),
> while all the other stuff is hidden from them.
> That changes as soon as you log into the wiki - then everything needed
> is there again.
> The "Current Events" table has its own css style, so we should be able
> to move it around or do other stuff with it. At the moment the style is
> only used for the background colour.
> The result is, errm, a bit colorful at the moment, but that can be
> changed :)
> Your opinions and critique please: <http://wiki-m.centos.org/>.

I liked it already over the current one ! But:

 - I do not like the colors all that much, I prefer something more sober
   and professional
 - I like the font and size
 - I do not like the globe for external links
 - I prefer to have titles either in bold or underline, currently I find
   it hard to see what actually is a title
 - I would go for normal (default) colors for links (and underline them)
 - I do think a menu/sidebar that follows some structure of the site is
   important, also to house some other info like events and blog posts

If you visit without being logged in:

 - I would remove the Tabs (RecentChanges, FindPage, SiteNavigation,
 - I am not a proponent for showing 'MoinMoin powered, Python powered,
   Valid HTML 4.01' on every webpage. The wiki is not for geeks. There is
   little value in showing it on every page.

I couldn't log on to test.

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