[CentOS-docs] Wiki restructure

Wed Oct 10 03:25:52 UTC 2007
Alain Reguera Delgado <alain.reguera at gmail.com>

On 10/8/07, Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de> wrote:
> Alain Reguera Delgado wrote:
> > What do you think ? Does it adapt to the needs ? Other suggestions ?
> Yes, it is a very clean start page (looks a bit like the "old" Fedora
> Wiki starting page, doesn't it?) =:)

yes ... but just a little bit :-)

> > > > The case of HowTos/Network/SomePage, could it be just HowTos/SomePage
> > > > ? Or, HowTos/Category/SomePage for all pages under HowTos.
> I think it should be the latter (HowTos/Category/Page).
> > Another case is that of pages like MigratingTwoToFive and
> > MigratingThreeToFive that are listed in HowTos/MigrationGuide page but
> > its namespace don't say that, maybe they could be under
> > HowTos/MigrationGuide/ too.
> Yes. But that means that people with edit access across the complete
> wiki have to be careful about where they put their pages - and
> especially *not* to put them under /.

yes .. for that we could build a NamespaceDefinitionGuide. When people
need to create a page ... see the namespace definition guide then
create the page. Of course people with total access can put pages
wherever they want no matter what the guide says. The definition guide
would be a way to organize the creation of pages. Maybe this is the
same that Dag suggested ?

Maybe TitleIndex page could help to organize the namespace tree.