[CentOS-docs] Wiki FrontPage Proposition

Mon Oct 15 09:42:37 UTC 2007
Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de>

Dag Wieers wrote:
> I think we do not have to reinvent any wheel. Most users are accustomed to
> this:

But that *would* mean reinventing the wheel (at least in Moin), while
the Navibar already is there *and* is available on all pages without
further intervention. True, the contents of the navibar have to be done
in wikiconfig.py and aren't easily editable, but that's about the only
drawback I see.

>  EVENTS:        |
>   T-DOSE 2007   | _Documentation on CentOS._ Help yourself with
>   LinuxWorld NL | our FAQ and Tips-and-tricks. Browse to our....
>   FOSDEM        |
>                 | _Contribute to CentOS._ Make yourself useful
>                 | and provide bugreports and feedback. Join....
>  NEWS:          |
>   Item 1 great  | _Promote CentOS._ Show Centos to people and
>   Item 2 cool   | usergroups. Design flyers, stickers and....
>   Item 3 neat   |
>                 | _Donate to CentOS._ Provide us with the funds
>                 | we need so hard to operate this project....
>  PLANET:        |
>   Post 1 mighty | _About CentOS._ What is CentOS? Who is
>   Post 2 fancy  | running this project? Who can I contact....
>   Post 3 wicked |

I haven't seen a theme for moin yet which is able to do that. The two or
three themes which have sidebars *only* have the NaviBar in there. What
could be possible is a table which has it's own CSS information and
which then might be put at the left or the right side of the page. But:
If you want this content on *all* pages, all pages have to be touched. 

> BTW Thanks for your patience, I can imagine that it is not easy with a
> bunch of perfectionists (like me) ;-)

But do you have *any* idea on how to accomplish that in Moin? >:)


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